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Case Packer Machines

RML offers automatic case packing for applications from sugar, infant formula, and ice cream to pet food and everything in between. Our range of products can handle low-speed operations and runs all the way to large, high speed, multi-layer intermittent motion case packer machines.

Our automated case packing systems allow our customers products to leave the manufacturing floor in the quickest, most efficient, and attractive way.

RML specialises in intermittent motion wraparound case packers with adapted product infeeds.  We a specialists at robotic collation and case loading

For many brands, we provide a shelf-ready product.

Case Packer Machine




The perfect automatic case packer solution

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for designing optimised infeeds and high-performance, intermittent motion wraparound case packaging systems .

The RML team is renowned for collaborating with our customers to discover the best packing solution, and our experience and skillset covers

  • Intermittent Regular Slotted Case (RSC) bottom load case packers
  • Over packers
  • RSC top loading
  • Tray packers
  • RSC side loading
  • Robotic case packers
  • Or a custom solution


The perfect automatic case packer solution will be determined by your unique product design, factory footprint, conveying needs, unit throughput, budget and hygiene requirements. Our customers benefit from solutions which save on cardboard size, efficient application of glue, use of glue as opposed to tape where feasible, and can have perforated cases for shelf ready presentation.

Why engage RML to fulfil your automatic case packer requirements?
Whether you are looking for a new case packer or upgrading from manual packaging, RML will work closely with you to provide an efficient and high-quality custom solution that meets the brief and boosts your production output.



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