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This product area is perfect for customers seeking continuous production efficiencies, less strain on staff and great product presentation to supermarkets. 

  • Rear Flap Tuckers
  • Side and bottom sealing with quick size changeouts 
  • Reliable, smooth, spring loaded hot-melt glue systems 
  • Tamper proof cartons 
  • Carton Coding 
  • Twin-head carton erectors and 2 or 3-flap closers 
  • Robotic solutions
  • Lease or Purchase contracts are available 
2 Flap Closer




Closing and case/carton erecting have been one of the busiest areas for RML for the past 15-20 years as customers have moved to significantly faster line speeds. We have ‘off-the-shelf’ designs available for 2 and 3-flap closers and have huge experience with both in-feed and gluing systems.  

Our design team will collaborate with your engineers and project managers to create solutions that can be rapidly changed to different sizes. On-site testing will ensure smooth, reliable sealing and on-board variable speed drives allow you to set the optimum line speed while pressurised hot-melt glue systems ensure safe, reliable, and precise glue application 

Carton coding equipment can be fitted with the addition of optional coder brackets.  

Please have a look at the examples below and we look forward to talking through your own requirements.  



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