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Custom Assembly Solutions

RML is one of a small selection of specialists in the design and manufacture of custom assembly stations and semi or fully automated assembly lines.

Whether you need to fasten, screw, weld, or rivet parts together, RML can create a bespoke assembly automation that meets your specific application – big or small. We have decades of experience dealing with multiple materials and multiple applications, and the technical skills and expertise to deliver an automatic assembly machine that will save you time and money.

Custom Assembly Solutions

Typical features and capabilities of an RML automatic assembly machine include:

  • Production-ready design and performance
  • Fully engineered and 3D modelled
  • Precision engineering
  • Focused on lifetime operation and service
  • Smart technology

Each RML assembly system is designed, engineered, built, and tested by our team of experts, using the best available technology, software, and equipment. The team thrives when challenged by our customers’ particular needs and we focus on streamlining your processes, and increasing productivity, with bespoke assembly machines that are efficient, robust, and reliable.

Our customers come to us for a diverse range of solutions – from constructing RFID tracked products, electric magnetic coils, infant formula lids to agricultural products. We work with a wide variety of materials too, from plastics and metals through to electronic components and even wood!



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