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Wraparound Case Packer



TipTop Ice Cream Company Ltd


31354 TipTop Case Packer


300 Ice Creams per Minute


Beckhoff Automation
ABB Robotics
SMC Pneumatics


Powder Coated Mild Steel


TipTop has purchased four machine solutions from us in the past. Due to the success of our past collaborations, we were selected to work on their latest project. The challenge was to design, manufacture, and deliver four machines customised to suit Tip Top’s requirements. The brief was to erect, load, and close four carton sizes; and feed these into a case packer with the ability to pack the cartons into five shipper SKUs; with all of this being done at 300 ice creams per minute. In addition, everything needed to fit into a small footprint. The delicate nature of the chocolate skin on the bars meant we had to be as gentle as possible.


The RML Machinery Wraparound Case Packer is one of our most supplied solutions due to the flexibility in the types of products it can pack and the size range of the cases it can process.

The machine for Tip Top packed five different-sized shippers, all with different final pack sizes and patterns. Cartons are conveyed into the machine, stood up using a star wheel and moved to a collation station. A caseload of products (single or two layers) is collated before being swept by an RML robot into the waiting case. The cases are glued and closed before exiting the machine. This machine was customised to include an internal case elevator. This module conveyed the cases vertically and exited them onto an overhead conveyor where they were transported out of the room for palletising. This machine was also fitted with coding for BB and batch information.

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