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Wraparound Glueless Case Packer





30034 Miraka Packer


11 Cases Per Minute


Allen Bradley Control
SMC Pneumatics
ABB Robotics


Powder Coated Mild Steel


Miraka approached RML with a unique challenge, to erect a box using no glue or tape, then fill the box and close it securely. We worked with Miraka and their board supplier to refine the design of the box to ensure it operated as expected. Adding to the challenge was the need to process from two filling machines to achieve the rates required for the line.


The solution included customised modules from the RML Machinery library, integrating a six-axis ABB robot for plucking and punching blanks as well as engineering an entirely new method of box erecting, box loading and flap folding for the very unique non-glued lock together box.

As you can see in the video, the ABB Robot provides the flexibility required to pluck and erect the box in a way that allows the sequential folding of the box’s inner flaps. The bags of product are staged to a point where they are lifted using an RML-designed head and vacuum system. The infeed conveyors withdraw from under the bags, they are then lowered accurately into the waiting cases. This loading method removes the pendulum action of picking and moving the bags over the boxes. The boxes are then closed with a sequence of flap folders which locks the case closed.

Batch and best before dates are added to the boxes as they index through the machine, and then the completed boxes are conveyed from the packer to the RML Palletiser which palletises the boxes with vent spacers to allow for quick chilling.

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