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What do we look for in our engineers? 

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

What makes an RML person flourish?

Sarah Tordoff, our HR Officer, has been with us for 15 years. Who better to give us the inside word on what makes our people tick and what makes them enjoy what they do. 

“Our best people get involved with the whole team, are prepared to have a go at other parts of the business that might not be specific to their role, and want to learn more about the business and what RML does. 

They’re inquisitive, ask questions, voice idea’s, dig deeper to gain a better understanding of subjects which can range from complex machinery automation solutions, bespoke assembly solutions, packing machines to robotics.” 

What do we look for in our engineers? 

“We always look for a positive attitude with a desire to achieve.  Someone who is looking at the bigger picture and prepared to get involved at a deeper level within the business.  This helps to broaden their skill level and potential as an engineer. 

RML people bring a sense of innovation, intelligence, and a focus on quality. They are professional, actively look for, bring to attention, and actions positive changes within RML.  They get involved with the whole team and look at the bigger picture of the business. 

We work closely with various universities, technical institutes, and local high schools to source new talent.  We also run summer internships providing a real insight into RML. Our interns are given challenging projects and exposure into our engineering departments.  We also provide a practical element to the internship to give them a real-life engineering experience from bespoke automation through to component design and build.  

We have a graduate program and apprenticeship program for our entry-level engineers, stepping from Junior to Intermediate to Senior

4-5 years, with milestones to be met.  On starting with RML, you are set a 3-month performance plan detailing expectations and goals to meet these are always evolving and reviewed regularly.  Many elements of what we do here is ‘on-the-job’ training, exposure to projects, technology, and the knowledge we can offer from our own experienced people. 

All senior engineers are expected to mentor junior and intermediate engineers and provide knowledge and develop a better understanding of a subject.   

Engineers are involved in bespoke machinery which is a real advantage to securing talented people, they are driven by the challenge and the opportunity to be innovative, no day is ever the same and this is a key part to RML and the retention of our team, no one is bored!  We accept challenges and thrive on innovation.  

From the admin team right through to the service team, we are all very proud of the machines that are produced, as everyone within the organisation, no matter what they do, are a key part in that machine heading out the door onto a customer’s site and producing what it was designed to do.