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New Year, Fresh Start – Apprenticeships at RML Machinery

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2022 looks set to be a cornerstone year in the career of many of our Engineering Apprentices here at RML Machinery.

Here Gene Keller tells us about how he has found his first few weeks on the job as an apprentice fresh out of Hamilton Boys High School.

“Ever since I started working at RML Machinery, the team has never hesitated to give me the proper training to complete the jobs I am tasked with. Whenever I ask a question, someone will answer and lead me in the right direction.

I’m in my second year of apprenticeship at RML Machinery doing fitting and manufacturing. I knew almost nothing before joining but with proper training and guidance from my trainers, I’ve been able to learn so much. I’m thrilled to work here; I’m learning tons, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the engineering industry.”

When apprentices join RML, we give them a 360-degree induction and we rotate them through all our different product areas. Gene has been focusing most recently on the fabrication of production process components (deburring, finishing, acid cleaning and polishing, material cutting, component assembly and bead blasting). By moving around the business, he will pick up knowledge of all our machinery and assembly automation solutions: cartoners, robotic case and tray packers, assemblers, and components such as CIP (Clean-in-Place) nozzles, conveying products, AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) robotic sorters, samplers, dryer winches, plenum valves and strainers. As well as standardised assembly solutions we design a lot of bespoke machinery and it’s a lot for an apprentice to wrap their head around, and we make sure not to overwhelm our new joiners.