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Butter Sheet Wrapper





26262 Butter Sheet Wrapper


40 Sheets per Minute


Allen Bradley Control
SMC Pneumatics


Stainless Steel Chassis

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Doubling the production size 

 RML and Pentair worked together to develop a new automated butter sheeter that could handle Fonterra’s rapidly growing butter sheet production. It requires the right temperature and consistency to produce the perfect butter. After extensive product testing, RML and Pentair identified the most suitable solution for optimising butter production. This new solution resulted from a collaborative effort between Pentair, RML as well as the team at Fonterra. 


Combining proven solutions with customisation 

The new solution by RML involves designing a customised butter sheet wrapper that can produce 40 butter sheets per minute. One of the biggest challenges faced by Fonterra was their old machinery couldn’t handle processing the number of sheets to meet the market demand. 

RML delivered a solution to extrude, cut and wrap the butter in a delicate, temperature-controlled process. RML provided a solution to unroll and cut the paper into sheets suited to the size of the butter; two-axis active closing rollers are used to close the paper on top of the butter sheet. This custom solution exceeded production expectations from the first start up and continues to do so. It has been developed to create a flat and smooth butter sheet that is predominantly used in the baking industry.  

Utilising synchronous timing in the unrolling, cutting and closing steps, it completes these processes with a continuous flow, speeding up production and reducing wear on machine components. The new RML solution has helped bring down production costs while increasing efficiency.  

Our deep experience and comprehensive knowledge in food process engineering and automation technologies provide a stable, reliable platform for our customers’ success. 

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