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Robot Chef – Simon Gault’s Robot Chop

In September, RML Machinery were approached by Acumen on behalf of Samsung to be involved in a special project that would involve a robotic arm being used to cook a meal, while being controlled over 600km away.

This was a project that we had not done before at RML but was an exciting one that we believed would allow us to showcase the capabilities of automation using robotics. Traditionally, our work with robotics is in the form of machines we design and build to be used by our customers to solve production line challenges by providing production automation solutions that improve productivity and efficiency. One of the key differences working on this project was that we typically implement robotics into machines that will operate 24/7 on production lines during manufacturing, so even though this was a smaller-scale project, it was an equally exciting project that we were able to take on. 

ABB Robotics supplied us with the robotic arm, which we then began working on to execute the requirements of those involved. The project involved partnering with renowned domestic and global industry leaders Spark NZ and Samsung, as well as award-winning chef Simon Gault. Samsung wanted to showcase the power of 5G on their customer’s network – Spark, with the high-powered network being the key to allowing the robotic arm to be operated from Auckland while being in Wellington cooking. Samsung also provided the tablets used to operate the robotic arm, which had the interface programmed and designed by RML.

The robotic arm, A.K.A Simon Gault’s Robot Chef, was tasked with cooking over 60 crayfish on a grill, then transferring them onto subs on a plate, ready to be served to waiting customers. Given our work with leading-edge technology like robotics and high-speed networks, we were confident in providing the right solution for such a fun project while showcasing the future capabilities of 5G and network-connected automation using robotics. As Simon Gault says, “I think long term my job is going to become easier and allow me more time to concentrate on getting the sauce just right. I think it will free up time for us to do a better job as chefs.” (The Post NZ)

A big thanks to the partners who we were able to collaborate with on this project for allowing us to showcase the possibilities that technology and automation can provide in the future!

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