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Automation Technology for Robotics (ATRO) Robots from our partner Beckhoff

RML has been working in close collaboration with Beckhoff when integrating their Control Systems for the past decade. They are a forward-thinking partner, and it was no surprise when they introduced us to their new ATRO system. 

It’s a modular industrial robot system that can be used to assemble the optimal robotic structures for different applications on an individual and flexible basis. Innovation like this dovetails nicely into our automated solutions – especially when space is at a premium and when we need exceptional levels of configurability. 

The new system runs up to 7-axis to increase the reach/articulation for hard-to-reach areas and the machine’s performance is maximised by the direct integration into the holistic control platform – motion control, safety, machine learning, IoT, analytics, vision, cloud engineering, and HMI. 

This all allows our automation engineers to commission fit-for-production machines complete with fully integrated robotics and their own kinematics. 

You can read more and watch the full product presentation here: