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Enhancing Production Efficiency With RML Case Packing Machines

In early 2023, a small goods company approached RML with a need for a solution capable of packaging their products of various formats and sizes into both shelf-ready and standard boxes. After close discussions with the customer, we got to work designing a cutting-edge case packing solution that could achieve their goals, while allowing them to drastically enhance their production efficiency. 

The different packaging styles that the customer required their case packing machines to be able to create were:

  • Landscape Shelf Ready – for products that need to be displayed horizontally on store shelves

  • Portrait Twin Pack Shelf Ready – ideal for compact, vertical product arrangements, maximising shelf space

  • Lay Flat Two Stack – ideal for efficiently packaging products that lay flat in their cases.

From a case packing point of view, this project was quite complex given the variety of formats the customer needed but these are the sorts of projects that RML succeeds at as we are always eager to solve production line challenges for our customers.  

One of the key benefits that a Wraparound Case Packing Machine provides for a production line that is traditionally dependent on hand packing is that fewer people are required for the production process. For the variety of box types that were required by the customer, manual labour would have been a production bottleneck, so by introducing an automated solution, the need for manual labour was reduced. This meant that they could reallocate the capabilities of their team to grow other areas of the business.

If you are facing unique packaging challenges, get in touch with RML to see how we can customise one of our products to provide you with a long-term solution that will allow you to free up your human potential and take away the struggles of production.

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