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RML - Flexley Stack





Autonomous Mobile Robots

Why choose Flexley Stack robots?

RML Flexley Stack Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are designed to improve your productivity and competitiveness. The robust and compact build of the Flexley Stack range of robots also allows for them to provide powerful performance in palletised load handling, and also for smooth and streamlined transportation for an unlimited combination of loads and applications. Flexley Stack AMRs for industrial environments will ensure that you have an automatic, safe, and flexible solution that can efficiently operate in the same environment as humans and manual trucks if necessary.

Key features:

  • Adaptability – able to perform a diverse range of operations to increase your efficiency
  • Advanced Functionalities – innovative solutions such as a barcode reader, weighing device, and smart forks
  • Safe and Precise – equipped with sensors and scanners for total protection and accuracy
  • Smart Connectivity – real-time information to facilitate data analysis and decision-making


Check out the full range of Flexley Stack robots below.

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