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RML - Flexley Mover





Autonomous Mobile Robots

Why choose Flexley Mover robots?

The RML Machinery Flexley Mover range of Autonomous Mobile Robots have a compact build that allows them to move around complex spaces in warehouses easily. Designed using the latest navigation systems and technologies, this enables them to have greater agility and efficiency in intralogistics. This allows for the range of Flexley Mover robots to be your trusted solution in operational flexibility, responsiveness, peak demands, productivity, and safety, and an efficient option for delivering racks, pallets, carriers, and boxes in confined and narrow spaces.

Key features:

  • Freedom of Movement – the robot saves space and time with its ability to move in all directions
  • Task Versatility – multi-origin and multi-destination applications offering flexible layouts
  • 360° Protection – collaborative safety environment, free of physical barriers
  • Smart Connectivity – real-time information to facilitate data analysis and decision-making


Check out the full range of Flexley Mover robots below.

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