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Palletising System



Signode / Mondelez


15201 Dual Robotic Palletisers


30 boxes per minute


Allen Bradley
ABB Robotics
Festo Pneumatics


In this example RML overcame barriers around the smooth integration of key people in NZ and India. We concepted the solution and selected equipment in our Head Office in Hamilton and at the same time established a local commissioning team in Pune India 

Mondelez, one of the world’s largest snacks companies and owner of brands like Cadbury, Oreo and BelVita, was executing a step-change with their new factory innovation throughout Bahrain, India and the Middle East. RML was to partner with Signode India, a multi-national manufacturer of packaging systems and infrastructure to bring the vision to life. 

Here we built-in software which allowed local teams to manage up to >40 different pallet formats seamlessly after installation. 


We designed a dual cell with 3 robotic palletisers picking from 2 lines. The yellow rectangles you can see in the picture above push pre-cartoned boxes of chocolate weighing over 20kgs onto the in-feed. From there they are collated in stacks of 3 and moved onto re-usable plastic pallets for distribution all over Asia. 

Both customer companies had heard of the expertise RML had in Robotics and 2016 was to be the start of a long working relationship with Signode. 

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