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Intermittent, Wrap Around



MARS Master Foods


11982 P225 Wrap Around Case Packer


25 cartons per minute


Allen Bradley
Festo Pneumatics


Stainless Steel

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Approximately 10 years ago this customer came looking for speed, efficiency, and a quick return on their automated packaging investment. Since then, we have built, installed, and maintained a steady stream of solutions across their huge range of products on both sides of the Tasman Sea.  

The brief here was to pack 2 sizes of Spice Jars (shrink wrapped in 6’s for the smaller jars and in 3 for the larger SKUs). 

One key challenge to overcome was the in-feed system which we had to shorten to fit into a tight factory footprint. In this case we needed to incorporate a side sweep.  


We specified our hugely reliable 2-axis Hawk robot to provide fast, precise, and smooth movement of product into the cardboard blank. Shrink wrapped packs of jars are conveyed, collated, side shifted and swept into the awaiting Wrap Around Case.  

As a value-add, we recommended that this customer took our low-touch Glue solution which allows glue beads to flow into the Melter via a vacuum transfer system. This removes the need for an operator to get close to the potentially hazardous hot glue.  

RML has adapted to working internationally over the last 10-15 years as technology advancements have removed borders. We now build-in camera and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems with VPN connections to troubleshoot issues before they impact on production schedules. For many international customers we use a blend of experienced RML technicians and locally based contractors to ensure that our machines are up and running faultlessly from the get-go.  

Our practical ‘get it done’ approach has brought us a huge amount of repeat business over the years and in this case, MARS added a Palletiser system to complete their line.  

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