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Continuous, Horizontal Cartoner





9690 Continuous Horizontal Cartoner


Up To 440 Bars per Minute


Festo Pneumatics
Allen Bradley Control
Nordson Glue


Powder Coated Mild Steel Chassis

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Profile Foods approached us back in 2010 during a business-critical upgrade of their production facilities in Hamilton. Sales of their much-loved Mother Earth Oat Slices had outgrown supply in both Australia and New Zealand.

Of course, there was complexity and challenge! We were to pack three different sized bars into two carton sizes in a 3×2 configuration.
However, the core concern was that we were to fit this machine into a very small footprint on the factory floor. Our competitors were unable to match our problem-solving approach, not only around the size of the machine but with our design for a quick and reliable change-over mechanism which uses dedicated change parts and numbered repeatable adjustment methods such as counter winders.


RML created a K104 Continuous Motion Cartoner designed to pack into skillet style cartons reliably and efficiently. We used a tangential automatic in-feed which receives packets automatically from the upstream wrapper. The bars are collated and loaded into the cartons on demand. 

A continuous rotary motion plucker is used to quickly and accurately pluck and open cartons. 

An ABB robotic arm side shifts the collated bars into the cartons allowing the machine to run continuously during this stage. 

Automatic flap folders and a pressurised hot melt adhesive system close the cartons reliably and safely. Good glue compression is assured using positive spring compression pads.  

Other features include:

  • Full height doors for excellent access 
  • Servo main drive and product feed 
  • Tool-less change over method 

This solution requires minimal supervision by just one person, and it’s been running 24/6 for over a decade – that’s a lot of Oaty Slices! Profile Foods has a Service and Support contract for peace of mind and optimal return on their investment. 

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