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Intermittent, Top Load Cartoner





10946 K102 Top Load Cartoner


Infeed 300 bars per minute
Outfeed 75 cartons per minute


Allen Bradley
ABB Robotics
Festo Pneumatics


Powder Coated Mild Steel

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Vitaco approached RML back in 2013 as they sought an automated process to package 2 completely different product formats using one machine. Almost 10 years later, and following careful servicing, we are once again upgrading with yet another newer packaging format.

The ability of RML to devise machines that can be continuously improved and upgraded means we often win projects from customers who are looking to futureproof their operations.

Vitaco needed a cartoner for both a 12-pack shelf-ready format and a 4-bar Pantry Pack and with the flexibility to manage bars ranging from 30 to 100 grams. They had installed a new line just 12 months before they approached us, and hand packing was proving unsustainable. Maximising factory floor space was a crucial factor in the design phase.


First, we designed an in-feed system that checked the pitching of the various bars to ensure none were touching on the flighted belt. Our robot then picked and loaded into pre-formed boxes which flowed into 2 separate closing modules: a tuck and close and a fully glued option.

This resulted in huge labour savings with just one operator able to monitor the HMI (Human Machine Interface) and load cardboard blanks into the machine.

2013 was the start of a long, business-critical, working relationship and we are delighted this is continuing today.

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