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Intermittent, Horizontal Load Cartoner





11810 K101 End Load Cartoner


25 cartons per minute


Allen Bradley
Festo Pneumatics


Stainless Steel

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Saputo is one of Australia’s largest dairy processors and with this project they previously had operators hand packing in 70/80-degree heat at their Kiewa plant in northeast Victoria. Our brief was to automate the cartoning of 2kg bags of hot cream cheese into a skillet carton, to eliminate downtime and repetitive strain on staff.  

Saputo had heard about the expertise RML had with such a tricky product from a similar installation we had carried out for Fonterra in New Zealand.  


Our solution used a combination of delicate pushers and a vacuum system to pull the bags through the automation.  

Our in-feed system had to carefully hold the sides of the bags in place throughout the operation including through an elevation. Check out our video below. If we can manage liquids and sugar as we have done for decades, it’s very likely we can rise to your own specific challenge. We would love to hear about your specific needs, and we always work through return on Capex investment as a matter of course.  

This cartoner provided a starting point for a larger turn-key solution which could do 6 cartons in one shipper. This one included a spiral elevator to allow for even better operator access. 

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