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Bulk Scoop Packer





26392 Tekplas Bulk Scoop Packer


8 Second Cycle Time


Beckhoff Control
SMC Pneumatics


Powder Coated Mild Steel Chassis


The task was to automate the bulk bagging of measuring scoops for infant formula. The brief was to deliver scoops from an injection moulding module and to feed these directly into the bagging area with no human involvement. Our focus was to speed up and to remove risk from a previously arduous and inconsistent manual process.  

The bulk packed bags of scoops are then sent to a laboratory for checking before being added to infant formula tins.  

An important factor therefore was that we were to create a sample scoop in a separate, but attached, plastic pocket.  


The injection moulding machines incorporate a gantry 3 axis robot to pick scoops and to present to a hopper above the bagging system.  

Product is packed into 70-micron bags which are picked and presented from the bag drawer. Bags are heat sealed and the machine takes a representative sample of product packed by sealing scoop into a secondary pocket above the bag seal of the packed production, the sealed bag then drops onto the outfeed conveyor.  

In 2019, Ian McDowell the MD, requested 2 machines as ‘proof of concept’ for his Rolleston factory operation.  

So successful was the trial, he added a further 5 machines to the Hamilton plant.  

Seamless integration of modules – in this case Injection Moulding and bagging – is totally in our wheelhouse and we love to see these types of projects come to life.  

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