Client:AHI Roofing
Project:9076 AHI Tile Destacking
Speed:35 tiles per minute
Control System:
ABB Robotics
System controlled using IRC5 Controllers
Construction:Powder Coated Mild Steel

Twin robotic, triple laser guided head pick and place robots are used to de-nest and place metal roof tiles onto a painting line. 

A forklift places a stillage of metal tiles into the system through a muting light curtain.  The stillage is conveyed into one of four lift positions where a height detection laser is used to adjust the lift to maintain a pick height for the robots.
The robots are equipped with a pickhead that contains three laser sensors to detect the position and angle of the tiles.  Using the calculated position the robot picks and places the tiles from the stack and onto a continuous running flighted chain.

Built to last, this is a really hardworking system that operates day in and day out, in a tough environment.

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